The Furry Historical Fiction Society

About the FHFS

The Furry Historical Fiction Society is a loose amalgamation of nerds working to write historical fiction featuring anthropomorphic characters. We work collaboratively to build anthologies of short stories featuring works from the past in our world or worlds like ours, exploring what myths, legends, and stories might have come from various eras were they populated by the characters we would like to see in writing.

The FHFS began with When the World Was Young: a Prehistoric Anthology. What started with a Twitter thread quickly blossomed into a Telegram group formed of furry authors, each offering both their words and specialties towards bringing the book together. Some of us worked on organization, some on editing, some on sourcing the cover or typesetting the final edition. As an experiment, it quickly proved a success. By trusting each of the writers and holding each other accountable, we managed to pull together a production that we’re all proud of.

While we could have stopped at one anthology, as When the World Was Young began to near completion, the topic of “what if we turned this into a series?” naturally arose and hey, we’ll see! Keep an eye out for an anthology of stories from antiquity and beyond.