The Furry Historical Fiction Society

In the Light of the Dawn

An Anthology of Antiquity

We invented writing to preserve our stories and to share them with each other. From the mistiest stretches of history we find scraps and pieces of tales we told each other, forming the myths, legends, and dramas that persist to this day.

Hear us, then. Listen to the stories passed down from the earliest foundations of civilizations, to the creation of nations and empires. Hear the stories of the grandest rulers to the humblest peasants. The world is not so young as it was, but walk with us in these tales of antiquity: In the Light of the Dawn.

Coming July 1, 2023!


Utunu “The Price of Copper”
Gar “Sahoni” Atkins “Exile From the Land of Giant Turtles”
NightEyes DaySpring “As the Gods Demand”
Casterway “The Vixen with the Crooked Muzzle”
Faolan “Heka”
Fopfox “A Fortune in Ruins”


Huskyteer “The Mouse from Mykonos”
Thomas “Faux” Steele “The Satrap’s Mark”
Kayodé Lycaon “A Perfectly Normal Day”
J.S. Hawthorne “The Lament of the Batavii”
Casimir Laski “The Merchant and the Martyr”
J.F.R. Coates “Fire And Brimstone”
Pascal Farful “…and the Sands of the Desert Wash Over the Words”
Ziegenbock “Eulalius!”
Domus Vocis “Tomes Entombed Within Me”


Televassi “To Your Own Defenses”
Rob MacWolf “Go to the Road, and Ask Any Passing Traveler”
Rose LaCroix “The Traces of Thomas Antiochus Macrotis”