The Furry Historical Fiction Society

The Heavens Within Our Grasp

A Medieval Anthology

When empires collapse, when plague and invasion threaten, when the knowledge and culture of the old order is slipping away and being forgotten, it is writing that safeguards the future.

Study these tales, then. By candlelight, by lamplight, by the noonday sun. Find in them the strength, and weakness, of feudal monarchs, the piety of monks both literal and figurative, and the fear of forgetting and being forgotten that is the beginning of knowledge: for it is these which may yet put The Heavens Within Our Grasp.


NightEyes DaySpring “A Final Offering”
J.F.R. Coates “The Purple Rose”
Alex T. Dragonson “The Seekers Of Winter”
Fopfox and Erik “Spring and Autumn of North and South”


Televassi “Doomsday”
Valduin “Siegewalkers”
Rob MacWolf “Midway in the Journey of Our Lives”
Domus Vocis “Scapegoat”
J.S. Hawthorne “Under the Empty Sky”


Utunu “Houses of Stone”
Casimir Laski “The Abbey of Saint Vera”
Rose LaCroix “Where His Side Was Pierced”
Thomas “Faux” Steele “The Golden Son of Rahe Neer”
Cedric G! Bacon “The Bleak Tower”
Ziegenbock “The Course of the Reiver”
Faolan “One Book to Burn”
Pascal Farful “Heaven Will Weigh the Heart of Stone”